Take the hard work and guesswork out of nutrition control.

K2N takes both the hard work and guesswork out of achieving the correct nutritional values of every meal you serve. It is an easy-to-use online tool that you can access securely from any computer using a unique username and password.

Using simple point-and-click operation, Key 2 Nutrition makes it easy to:

  • Determine the nutritional content of the food you serve
  • Ensure at a glance that what you’re serving meets the personal nutritional needs of your residents
  • Ensure you have the correct quantities of the correct ingredients

K2N comes with a database of hundreds of tempting recipes and over 4,000 ingredients, analysed to 33 nutritional components, in addition to sample menu plans.
You can evaluate precisely what you’re planning to serve – from a single meal to a whole day, week, month or any other period. And you can review menu history to build up a complete nutritional picture and assist with planning forthcoming menus.

You can visit http://www.k2n.co.uk/common/login.asp for more details on K2N or alternatively contact your sales representative.